Flores DMO
The island of Flores possesses a diverse tourism potential which, if managed well, is believed to have the potential of becoming a major resource in the effort to improve the quality of life of the people of Flores.

The successful development of this tourist destination lies in the willingness, commitment, cooperation, and collaborations among tourism stakeholders in Flores. With this in mind, an independent organization was established called the Destination Management Organisation Regional Flores or short Flores DMO.

Flores DMO is the regional umbrella for tourism management, marketing and development activities on and for the island. It functions as an independent organization with interdependent tasks that focuses around the facilitation of internal quality improvements and assurance, external promotion and networking, as well as providing services which are not covered by the private and public sector. In its mission the Flores DMO is the organization connecting Flores with the domestic and international tourism market, providing high quality tourism services, while preserving Flores culture and environment.

The DMO was established in August 2011 with a regulation constituted by the Directorate General of Destinations Development (Ministry of Tourism and the Economy Creative), in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Tourism Republic of Indonesia No.50/Permen/2011 of the National Tourism Development Master Plan (RIPPARNAS) starting from year of 2010 to 2025. The secretariat of Flores DMO is located in the town of Ende. It maintains a connecting office in Bali to open the link for its members to the tourism businesses in Bali and internationally.

The secretariat of Flores DMO is located at Jalan Bhakti No.1, in the town of Ende, phone: (+62) 0381 23141. It maintains a connecting office in Bali as well to open the link for its members to the tourism businesses in Bali and internationally located at Jalan Batursari No.20SB, Sanur Kauh, Bali, phone:(+62) 0361 271145, email: info@florestourism.com 

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The establishment of the Flores DMO was supported through a bilateral project between Indonesia and Switzerland. Swisscontact is a Swiss development organization with over 40 years of experience in Indonesia. The organization was assigned to implement this project in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economies as its local counterpart. Swisscontact has been supporting tourism development in Flores since 2009 through the WISATA project. Currently, the second phase (WISATA II) of the program is running, which is set to phase out in Flores in 2017.

For more information on the activities of this bilateral project for tourism development please follow the links below:

Swisscontact – direct link to WISATA II project Website
Download Swisscontact WISATA brochure (English & German)
Download Swisscontact WISATA II brochure (English & Indonesian)

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