Mount Mbeliling, located in West Manggarai, is the highest mountain in this region. The Mbeliling Forest Reserve, which spans over an area of 15,000 hectares, is the habitat of numerous endemic plant species and birds. Its large variety of flora and fauna make it a perfect trekking destination, especially during the dry season.

Roe Village, situated at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level at the foothills of Mount Mbeliling (1239m), is the ideal starting point for a trek to the mountain. The village is located only 27km away from Labuan Bajo on the Transflores ‘highway’. The Roe community members not only arrange trekking trips to Mount Mbeliling, but also excursions to the beautiful Cunca Wulang canyon. Furthermore, the villagers are committed to share their lively culture with you, including Caci, an exciting form of martial art which is unique to the Manggarai region. All in all, the Roe community offers you a great opportunity to get in touch with local traditions while experiencing West Florinese nature at its best.

The main objective of the community members, who founded the Roe Ecotourism Association in 2007, is the protection of their unique environment. They are more than happy to welcome you to a two-day trek off the beaten track where you can enjoy an adventurous night of camping at the top of Mount Mbeliling.

Both, the one-day trek and the two-day trek, can be arranged directly with the Roe Ecotourism Association. Please call or sms Pak Alfons, one of the dedicated guides: +6282144435286 for more information.
In Roe Trekking Association House, you can buy vouchers and some everyday commodities for your own supply.

How to get there
It is recommended to go by ojek or rented motorbike, even though minibuses to Ruteng pass through everyday. Drive Transflores ‘highway’ towards Ruteng. You will pass Nggorang, Dalong, Mamis, Melo, Culu (where Maria Chapel is one of the starting points for treks to Mbeliling – located on the right side of the road), Cekonobo, and then Roe (the Association House is on the right side of the road as well, so be sure to notice a signboard before the house).

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